academic & organizational coaching 





Uncover your potential.

  • Does perfectionism sometimes prevent you from turning in assignments?

  • Do you often get “stuck” when trying to shift from one task to the next?

  • Are you late to classes and meetings?

  • Do you have difficulty communicating with your professors and/or peers?

  • Do you avoid things like laundry, cleaning, eating and/or socializing?

  • Do you simply want to take advantage of quality support during this pivotal time in your life?

We meet you on campus or by video to help you time manage, organize, and prioritize your daily tasks into a manageable schedule that allows you to be a successful and well-rounded student at your college or university - all while taking advantage of SOCIAL opportunities as well!


Choose once or twice-weekly sessions which take place on or near your college campus.

Services also include consultation with college faculty and facilitated study sessions as needed.


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Note: Due to the nature of our work, we are not always in the office. Please consider emailing for the fastest response time/to schedule a phone call.


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