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As a nonprofit organization Evolve provides highly specialized coaching services to more than 300 college students, job seekers, and artists each year in the Pittsburgh region. Evolve offers arts and film programming as an accessible and meaningful avenue to connect to the world through an annual summer arts camp, year-round workshops, and ongoing outreach, support, and resources to neurodiverse artists. Evolve also works with community groups, employers, schools, and universities to offer inclusion training and workshops to raise awareness of neurodiversity and remedy institutional oppression.

Our mission at Evolve is to support individuals with disabilities and the community through education, employment, and the arts. We are committed to remedying institutional, cultural, and cognitive systems of oppression by educating the community and organizations, and closing the service, social, and skills gaps for the autistic commnity in particular.

Competitive salaries
Medical (100% employer-paid option), dental, and vision benefits
Paid time off (vacation, sick, mental health, and personal days)
Company paid holidays
Flexible work schedule
Job openings
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Our programs and services

We work one-on-one with our clients, in person or online, to help them meet their personal and professional goals in college, the workplace, and daily life. 


We work with students who attend Pittsburgh-area colleges and out-of-state schools, and engage with more than 100 local businesses and organizations to promote inclusion in the workplace and community.

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