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employment coaching
gain independence through a lasting career

The transition to work presents unique challenges for neurodivergent adults. In fact, disabled adults are 46% less likely to be employed, and many are chronically underemployed. 


Whether you’re preparing for employment or already have a job, an Evolve coach can help you navigate the complexities of work life. We can also assist your employer and colleagues by educating them about helpful accommodations that are unique to your needs.


Common focal areas include:

  • Career exploration and job shadowing

  • How to structure the job search

  • How to network and build connections

  • Drafting compelling resumes and cover letters

  • Interview preparation and mock-interviewing

  • On-the-job assistance

  • Workplace supervision

  • Job retention

  • Improving communication and self-advocacy with colleagues and customers


Online coaching is available for clients who live outside of the Pittsburgh area.


Highly Qualified Coaches

Evolve’s employment coaches specialize in supporting adults aged 18 - 45 with developmental disabilities including, but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome), ADHD, and anxiety disorders.

A Personalized Approach

We believe that one size does not fit all. Our coaches work with you to help you define and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Strong Relationships with the Pittsburgh Community
and Local Employers

Evolve promotes community dialogue, hosts training sessions, and builds partnerships with employers and community organizations in Pittsburgh, educating them about how to work effectively with neurodivergent adults.

Social Support

We offer a weekly social group for young adults who wish to feel more confident with their social skills in a safe and supportive environment. Curriculum is determined by participants' interest. Past topics include humor, dating, making friends, emotional regulation, self-care, and employment readiness skills. 

the evolve difference

We believe that it’s important to work with all stakeholders in the employment ecosystem, which is why we actively engage with Pittsburgh employers in addition to providing one-on-one coaching to our clients. Since launching the employment coaching program, 90% of our job-seeking clients have become gainfully employed, and we’ve worked with 32 employers through the delivery of training sessions, on-the-job support, and the direct hiring of adults with disabilities. 


When you work with an Evolve coach, you can expect:

call or email us today!

Due to the nature of our work, we are not always in the office. Please email for the fastest response time or to schedule a phone call.

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