our mission

Providing support to individuals with disabilities and their communities through education, employment, and the arts.

our story

Before founding Evolve Coaching, we spent several years as therapists supporting people with developmental disabilities in their schools, homes, and communities. As our clients grew, we grew with them, adapting our approaches to meet their changing needs. 


When it came time for our students to graduate high school, we quickly realized that the systems in place to support them were lacking, to say the least. For these young adults, one-size-fits all therapies and programming just weren’t going to cut it. 


We established Evolve in an effort to provide a service that is vastly different from the norm: 

A service that empowers college students and job-seekers with developmental disabilities to feel confident in their abilities to advocate for themselves, manage their workloads, and achieve self-defined success. 


In 2015, Evolve officially became a nonprofit organization - an exciting first step to offering services that could be accessible to all. 


In 2018, we merged with our long-time partner Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh, which has allowed us to expand programming to help aspiring artists reach their goals. 

Today, Evolve’s dedicated team offers truly individualized support to high school & college students, workers & job-seekers, and artists who share their stories through film and various other media. 

- Heather & Joe


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