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Bagged vs. Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning the house, the first thing to think about should be a vacuum. Among a variety of models and dozens of brands on the market, you may wonder which one is The Best Vacuum Cleaner for your home. The decision should be carefully considered regarding both health and economic issues.

There are many ways to categorize vacuum cleaners; one of them is bagged versus bagless. Each type will have its own set of pros and cons. The significant features described below for the two typical models will give you a better idea about which style is more suitable for you.

1. Bagged vacuums

This is the most traditional model; it contains a bag inside the vacuum cleaner’s main body, and can be removed or replaced when the bag is full. Some newer designs are even equipped with an indicator light letting you know when to change the bag. Another benefit of having a bagged vacuum cleaner is that it allows you less contact with dust and debris from the bag when disposing of it.


- Better for allergy sufferers. Most bagged vacuums have a lid or dust cover which is automatically closed when the bag is removed from the machine. The bags are also airtight, which helps prevent dust from escaping back into the air. This feature is useful for those who suffer from allergies or have a respiratory illness such as asthma.

- HEPA filter. Some bagged vacuums have HEPA filters with seven layers providing more air filtering efficiency. This function is highly recommended for everyone as it can filter up to 99.97% of particles, even smoke and very light powders that normal eyes cannot see.

- Less maintenance required. A bagged vacuum can hold up to two pounds of debris, meaning larger capacity than its bagless counterpart, which makes it a good choice for a medium-to-large home. The best part is that you don’t have to change the bags as often. Besides, in many bagged models the filters are built directly into the bags so they never need to be cleaned.


Even top vacuum cleaners have some drawbacks. After a period of time when the machine is a bit outdated, you may have trouble finding replacement bags as there are new vacuum designs which do not use the old bag pattern any more. This is only one of the hassles that you probably don’t like when using a bagged model.

- Additional cost to buy new bags. Most vacuum cleaner bags are not reusable so users need to replace them when they are full. You may want to buy disposable bags in bulk to reserve just in case the brands or models are discontinued.

- Easily punctured by sharp objects. Vacuuming sharp items like screws, needles, or metal pieces can puncture holes in the dust bag, making suction capacity weaker and forcing you to replace them sooner.

- Not Eco-friendly. Most previous versions of vacuum bags are made of materials that cannot be recycled, and throwing them away is not good for the environment. So if you are truly a fan of bagged vacuums, try some sealing bags that are recyclable.

2. Bagless vacuums

The newer version of traditional vacuum cleaners is the bagless model, which does not utilize bags to contain the dust and debris.


- Eco-friendly and more affordable. Using a bagless vacuum, you don’t have to buy new bags or replace bags regularly, as the machine itself has a reusable filter which can be cleaned after being emptied. And of course, no discarded bag means a healthier environment.

- Know when to empty. Bagless vacuums have clear plastic chambers that allow users to see if the machine is gathering dirt or not, and you will know when it is full.

- More options on the market. As mentioned above, for the bagged vacuum type you need to find suitable bags just to use the device. In case the manufacturer discontinues the item, you may have to reserve a large quantity of bags in advance before this happens, or you must use another vacuum. The problem is resolved by the bagless counterparts which are more popular and various in models to choose from. You don’t have to worry about dust bags any more.


- More likely to cause allergic reactions. When emptying the chamber, dust and debris can be knocked out of the chamber and released back into the air. This may cause some health issues for allergy sufferers and those with asthma.

- More maintenance. Due to the kickback of dust into the air and on the ground when you empty the chamber, you may need to sweep or clean up some areas that you have already vacuumed.

In conclusion, each model – bagged or bagless – has its own pros and cons. Even so, manufacturers are making more and more improvements for their machines in order to bring you the best experience in house cleaning. So we hope that after considering both benefits and drawbacks, you now have a clearer view and can choose a good vacuum cleaner in Top best vacuum cleaners for your home.


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