social awareness and self-advocacy




Gain social confidence.


  • Do you dread "small talk"?

  • Would you like to have more friends?

  • Do you wish that people would just say what they mean?

You're not alone. Recognizing and understanding others’ nonverbal communication can often be extremely difficult. Through practice and perspective-taking, we can help you develop more confidence and experience more social success in a variety of social environments.

More interested in a group atmosphere? Join our weekly Social Group! Meet interesting people and learn new skills in this classroom-like, but fun, setting.


Check out some of the videos below that our social group members have created: 













Interested in practicing the skills you've learned during sessions? Meet with a Peer Mentor! Young adults from all walks of life can benefit from time spent with a mentor. Catch up with your mentor from week to week at lunch, attend a campus event you've been wanting to participate in, or catch a movie on the weekend. A mentor can provide the support you need to take the next step in your social life. Our dedicated peer mentor volunteers meet with Evolve Coaching clients twice per month to provide social support that often leads to lasting friendships. Contact us to learn more about this exciting option!

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