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Visual artists, writers, performers, and budding filmmakers are essential members of the Evolve community. Our arts programs provide exciting opportunities for artists to expand their social networks and leverage their creative skills in any field.


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about the film

In the summer of 2017, more than a dozen teens and young adults with autism, in partnership with the Evolve team and film industry professionals, collectively wrote the script for Parallels, a short film about the special relationship between a young teenager on the autism spectrum and his brother.


“A lot of things about Parallels make me proud, but I am most proud of being an autistic person and representing a person with autism in our film,” said Joe Hnath, the 18-year-old actor playing the role of the autistic brother, Rick, in the film. “I have a brother in real life, so this experience has reminded me of my own family and it has inspired me to look into producing, directing, and acting as a career.” 

The production of Parallels offered a unique opportunity for the participants to pursue their love of filmmaking while gaining professional skills that are transferable to any work environment. 

“For me, it was very important to show people the real experiences that people with autism have that others may not think about,” said Jared Braun, the 21-year-old director of Parallels

On the set of Parallels
On the set of Parallels

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On the set of Parallels
On the set of Parallels

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Parallels at Indie Oaks film festival
Parallels at Indie Oaks film festival

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On the set of Parallels
On the set of Parallels

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evening of arts for autism gallery show
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future camp!

An annual show featuring 20 Western Pennsylvania artists with developmental disabilities.

Ticket and event info will be released shortly! 



Sponsor the Ninth Annual Evening of Arts for Autism!


FUTURE CAMP offers 10 days of engaging group and one-on-one arts instruction designed to help teens, and adults, age 12 and up prepare for their futures through lessons in creative expression.


On July 26th, we wrapped this incredible camp experience and can't wait to share some of the work created by our Future Campers at the 9th Annual Evening of Arts for Autism on November 6th! Below is a sampling of some of the fun we had!

Thank you to Winchester Thurston School, ACHIEVA, and the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for your support!

monthly creative challenges

Led by our community members, these monthly challenges are intended to stretch and build our artists’ creative muscles to keep them actively producing work.

SEE US art show

In an effort to recognize and celebrate people who identify as autistic or neurodiverse, local neurodivergent artist a.drift arguello,  Roadkill Gallery and Evolve Coaching are joined forces during World Autism Month to create SEE US, an Art Pop-Up event.


Those who identify as neurodiverse can struggle to feel seen and heard in a world that adheres to inflexible societal norms. Neurodiverse community members who see and experience the world through a unique lens have a great deal to offer - and this show highlighted these artists whose work deserves to be seen and shared.

To learn more about the artists, and see artwork from the show, visit Roadkill Gallery's SEE US page.

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