our mission

Providing support to individuals with disabilities and their communities through education, employment, and the arts.

a note from evolve's co-founders

Before founding Evolve Coaching, we worked as therapists supporting people of all ages with developmental disabilities in their schools, homes, and communities. As our younger clients grew up, we grew with them, adapting our approaches to meet their changing needs. 


When it came time for our clients to graduate from high school, we quickly realized that there was a lack of support systems in place to help these young adults successfully transition to college or the workforce. Because our clients require support that is customized to their individual needs, the typical one-size-fits-all therapies and programming weren't going to cut it. 

We established Evolve in an effort to provide a support service that is vastly different from the norm: a service that empowers neurodiverse college students and job seekers to feel confident in their abilities to advocate for themselves, manage their workloads, and achieve self-defined success. 

While our team’s focus is on our client’s success and fulfillment, we know that it’s equally important to promote inclusion at the community level. We work with educational institutions, employers, and community organizations to educate them about the power of diversity and how they can become partners in creating a culture in which all people are valued. 


We look forward to continuing to learn and grow together!

Joe & Heather

our impact

500+ clients served

92% of college coaching clients have graduated from a post-secondary programs

90% of clients seeking work have been gainfully employed

Delivered arts programming to more than 350 youth and adults aged 10+

Provided corporate trainings, delivered on-the-job support, and promoted the hiring of adults with developmental disabilities to more than 30 Pittsburgh employers


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