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AK Kurtz Artwork at Commonplace Coffee

January - February 2023

5467 Penn Ave. 
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
MON - FRI: 7AM - 5PM
SAT - SUN: 8AM - 5PM
Arts For Autism 2022-10-29-045.jpg
About the Artist

AK is a Michigan-born artist living in Wilkinsburg, PA and has a dedicated daily drawing practice. They indulge in self portraiture as a way of coming to terms with body image in the context of chronic pain and disability, and love any opportunity to play with new, unexpected art materials. Pigeons as self portraiture are a way of exploring the many facets of self. Their current favorite mediums combine digital drawing, screenprinting, and site-based installation.

Art Exhibition Statement

Screenprinting and glass casting are two seemingly unrelated mediums that I am currently drawn to - but both indulge in a concept of replication, imprints on the world, texture and design.

I am continuously seeking ways to manage freedom in time and strength. When I screenprint, I take my time in the studio. The process itself requires time (coating screens and exposing them) - I can set up screens one day; push ink through a few screens the next, and wait until the next day or a week later when my body recovers to do the remaining layers. I might not be able to get as much done in a visit to the studio as the next person, but it’s a chance for me to experiment with my own threshold for work as well.

I am still very much a novice at glass casting, but I love the community at Pittsburgh Glass Center where I am learning to do this work. As a disabled artist, it’s really important to me to be able to balance my independence in art making (ideas, execution of materials, giving myself a chance to try it out and see what variations might work) with being able to rely on a supportive team to move materials like glass and plaster, bend down into kilns, or pour molten wax.


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More upcoming events
No upcoming events at the moment

Observations on Sensory Processing Through a Neurodivergent Lens

April 28 - June 4, 2023
at Atithi Studios

Call for art deadline is March 10, 2023 by midnight.
About the Exhibition

Evolve Coaching is teaming up with Atithi Studios for an upcoming exhibition! Sensational will explore sensation and perception from a neurodivergent lens. One of the common aspects of the neurodivergent experience is sensory perception and processing. Some people experience heightened sensitivity to stimuli while others require a certain amount of input to feel comfortable. These attributes vary from one person to the next, and shape how neurodiverse people experience and interact with the world.


Call for Art

We are looking for artists that identify as neurodiverse and/or developmentally disabled. Artwork that is relevant to the topics of sensation and perception will be considered for the exhibition. 3 pieces maximum will be considered for display. Artwork should also be professional quality, framed to fit the artwork, cleaned, and printed without pixels. All mediums are welcome, including painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, digital composition, etc. If artwork is chosen, it should be dropped off at Atithi Studios, 1020 N Canal St. Sharpsburg, PA 15215 during the set drop-off times. Artists will retain 75% of artwork sale proceeds for original artwork and 100% for prints.

If you would like help with completing your application, please email to set up an appointment.

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