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Individual Coaching & Support

We believe everyone deserves support that meets their specific needs. Our coaches work with you to help you define and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Our coaches hold advanced degrees in specialized fields and are trained to support neurodiverse young adults with a variety of developmental disabilities such as Autism and ADHD, as well as anxiety disorders.

We offer three types of individual support that are tailored to meet you where you are: 

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College Coaching
Grow confidently at college

While national graduation rates are approximately 39% for Autistic students who attend a post-secondary program, 92% of Evolve's college students graduate from their chosen post-secondary programs—some receiving coaching support for four years and others receiving only a few semesters of support.


Our coaches provide highly individualized support for Autistic or other neurodiverse students that helps them navigate the academic and social challenges of college. Through our strong relationships with Pittsburgh universities, we have unique insight into the processes, resources, and challenges of college life. We also work with out-of-state clients through online coaching sessions.  

We help students with:
  • Personal organization

  • Time management

  • Self-advocacy and communication

  • Socializing

  • Independent living

“It was helpful to have someone help me plan out how to achieve my goal of passing my classes this semester. I was able to make more sustainable and healthy schedules to get all my work done.” —A college coaching client

One-on-One Coaching

Meet your coach twice a week on campus or virtually via secure video conferencing. Online coaching is available for students who live outside of the Pittsburgh area. 


Peer Mentors and Body Doubles

Share a meal or explore campus with a peer, or take advantage of "body double" sessions. Similar to an online study hall, body double sessions offer the space for you to finish that paper or assignment that's been hanging over your head, reload funds to your dining card, or send that email that's been weighing on you with the support of an Evolve team member cheering you on.

Contact us to see if college coaching is right for you.

The fall 2024 application deadline has passed. Please contact us with questions about our waiting list, or the spring 2025 semester.
College Coaching
Employment Coaching
Gain independence through a lasting career

Pittsburgh is often described as America’s most livable city, but that label isn’t accurate when 85% of Autistic people are unemployed or underemployed. We work with clients to address unique barriers they face in the employment sector. We also work directly with all stakeholders in the employment ecosystem including employers. Since launching the employment coaching program, 90% of our job-seeking clients have become gainfully employed. We’ve also worked with 50 employers to deliver training sessions, provide on-the-job employee support, and connect them with job-seeking adults with disabilities. 

Whether you’re preparing for employment or already have a job, an Evolve coach can help you build professional skills and navigate the job market. We can also assist your employer and colleagues by educating them about helpful accommodations that are unique to your needs. Online coaching is also available for clients who live outside of the Pittsburgh area.

“Evolve has helped me be more prepared for career opportunities, which I can use for the rest of my life.”

 —A employment coaching client

We help employment clients with:
  • Exploring career opportunities and job shadowing

  • Searching for a job

  • Networking and building connections

  • Drafting compelling resumes and cover letters

  • Preparing for interviews

  • Improving on-the-job success

  • Improving communication and self-advocacy with colleagues and customers

Contact us to see if employment coaching is right for you.
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Employment Coaching
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Social & Artist Support
Build confidence and explore your creativity 
​​Social Groups

We offer a weekly social group for young adults who want to build confidence in a safe and supportive environment. The curriculum is determined by participants' interest. Past topics include humor, dating, making friends, emotional regulation, self-care, and employment readiness skills.

Interested in joining a group? Email Skukura!
Artist Support

We help neurodiverse artists build professional skills and confidence through our annual summer art camp, year-round workshops, and ongoing outreach. Our programs are primarily geared towards neurodiverse or disabled artists age 12 and over looking to connect with a wider community of creative professionals and hobbyists.

Interested in artist support? Check out our Arts Programming
Social & Artist Support
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