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post-secondary trends
post-secondary trends
Post-Secondary Trends among Young Autistic Adults​
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Of students with ASD who attend post-secondary education:

70% have ever attended a 2-year college.

33% attended a vocational or tech school.

32% have ever attended a 4-year college.

about evolve
About evolve
we all have talents to share

Evolve is committed to helping Autistic and other neurodiverse adults show the world what they have to offer. Our individual and group coaching services encourage our clients to advocate for themselves, manage their workloads, lead more independent lives, and achieve self-defined success. 

our programs and services

Individualized support for neurodiverse college students & job seekers

We work one-on-one with neurodiverse individuals, in person or online, to help them meet their personal and professional goals in college, the workplace, and daily life. We also provide services to local businesses and organizations to help them promote inclusion in the workplace and community. 

college coaching
college coaching
the evolve difference 

Our Partnerships
We actively partner with university staff and faculty
(including disability services, the career center, counseling, tutoring, etc.) to build a team around the student; we aim to help students access campus resources so they can thrive without us after a few semesters.

Our Coaches

Coaches hold masters degrees in social work and similar fields; our team leverages our experience navigating 6+ years of our own post-secondary education, and our clinical training to offer expert support to students requiring individualized approaches.

Our Support

Our college coaching support can be accessed anywhereSupport is individualized based on student need, and all students will have access to:

  • twice-weekly contact with a coach in support of self-advocacy and executive functioning​

  • weekly groups and "body-doubling"/accountability sessions

  • peer mentoring

  • access to workshops (crash course to college success, resume-building, and more)

Our Results

While national graduation rates are approximately 39% for Autistic students, 92% of Evolve's college students graduate from their chosen post-secondary programs - some receiving coaching support for 4 years and others who engage in only a few semesters of support.

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